5 Replies to “Talents & Gifts”

  1. He’s a good imitator and also a good singer.

    To fix the bold:

    Note: I’m putting HTML tags in (parentheses) instead of proper angle brackets so that your code doesn’t get screwed up even more.

    1. Cause: Somehow you have an extra (strong) tag after “Marc’s Band” with no closing (/strong) tag anywhere.

    2a. Solution A: Edit, regular (non-HTML) view, highlight:

    Marc’s Band

    Unbold it. If you wish, re-highlight and re-bold.

    If that doesn’t work:

    2b. Solution B: Edit, HTML view, delete the extra (strong) tag by changing:

    (p)(strong)Marc’s Band(/strong)(strong)(br /)


    (p)(strong)Marc’s Band(/strong)(br /)

    3. Rejoice! Grab whichever child is closest and give them a hug.*

    *Not if it isn’t one of your children, especially if you’re doing this on a mobile device while walking alone down a crowded Manhattan street during Outlaw Biker Gang Bring Your Daughter to Work Day.

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