Are You Young or Old? Rich or Poor? Your Tech Reveals All…

Want to know if you’re rich or poor? Young or old? Here’s a way to tell that’s easier than profiling yourself on RealAge or auditing W2’s.

1. Do You Search Facebook or Google Plus?

Use Facebook to search? You’re more likely to earn less than $100K and be old. Use Google+ for search and you’re more likely to make more than $100K and be younger. Don’t shoot the messenger here (for he is older and poorer than you think). Shoot comScore instead, and recognize that this is perhaps more indicative of the “early adopters” of Google Plus, who are perhaps largely both young and rich (a lucrative target market). Haven’t heard of Google Plus? You may be dead.

2. iPhone or Android?

comScore’s San Francisco office exclusively uses iPhones, and its New York office is littered with Androids, but those searching on these devices are fairly similar in demographics. So this doesn’t really say as much about you as you’d like to believe. Still using a Blackberry? Save your upgrade cash for a funeral plot.

3. Use Bing? Yeah you’re old with kids

Sorry. You’re more likely to be old with kids. Sure this is 2-year-old data, but the only thing newer about Bing is that it’s better at travel searches. Now get back to work. 

4. Do you accept mobile coupons?

If so, you’re probably 18-34 years old. If not, you’re probably older. If the mobile coupon is for Depends, just keep moving like a horse, and piss wherever and whenever you like.

5. Read TechCrunch or CrabbyOldFart?

Yeah, I’ll let you guess on that one. If you’re still using your hotmail or aol account, I’d like to welcome you to your first “blog” and encourage you to upgrade your 56K modem.

Shit no I'm not surfing on this bitch.

10 Replies to “Are You Young or Old? Rich or Poor? Your Tech Reveals All…”

  1. anyone I catch using bing as the default I switch their browsers to google; even tho I think google is basically evil.

    dumped the cell phone long ago – a cell phone should be like a flash light – emergency situation only, and shouldn’t cost more than $12 a year.

    I really kinda, sorta, mostly hate facebook – I only use it when I have to – peer pressure – I find their privacy policies abhorrent and getting around stupid. If youtube added some of the facebook features, like a sidecar, I’d rather use that.

    not sure where I’d fit in these corporate categorizes.

    I do find, however, that I’m using the net more as a source of information; encyclopedia like, rather than a bastion of creativity. It’s not as much fun as it used to be.

    da thrill is gone ba by.

  2. OMG I love that you fix their computer from the default bing to google, j. I can’t stand when my work browser defaults to bing- drives me nuts until I used the travel. Oh- creativity and the web? Yeah that’s so 2009.

  3. F you for reminding me how old I am. By the way, I turn 50 on feb. 1st. You better have some kickass shit planned for that day for me if you dont want me to blow my brains out. Im naming you as primary guardian for hank in that event. But hey, no pressure dude.

  4. Use facebook to search? I wasn’t aware that facebook had a web search engine.

    I like putting Chrome on people’s computers, but replacing the icon with their old IE6 icon that they are comfortable with.

  5. Alexis- Facebook search = ass. I don’t get that either. Sukatra- just keep reminding yourself that my “realage” is probably 90. Remind me to tell you I went mental last week.

  6. 1)neither 2)neither 3)I dont use bing for search(does anyone?) but i love their beautiful daily photos 4)what the hell is a mobile coupon? 5)neither… my tech reveals what? that i’m stupid? 😉

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