US Army Captain (Alleged Murderer) Leonard John Egland’s Suicide Spot: Royalty-Free Photos

Because I'm tired of seeing this photo

Hey media. Here are some free royalty-free photos of the “last stand” of Leonard John Egland in Warwick, PA (here’s the location on Google Maps). I’m kinda tired of seeing this dang mug shot, so help yourself, media. They’re all on Flickr noted as “creative commons” with attribution, so use away. Just please stop showing us that face shot. It’s freaking me out. Some choices:

  • Photos of the media circus around him (as if I’m any better)
  • The crime scene of his alleged suicide (very uncomfortable)
  • The intersection (with machine-gun armed police) before he was proclaimed dead
  • The Lukoil where he was last seen- that may be his car. Not sure.

Hey I was sleep deprived after 2 basement-runs due to Tornado warnings. And it’s hard not to get a bit obsessed when a SWAT manhunt is taking place just miles from your house. So I’ll admit… I drove around a while until I found the crime scene… it was a bit of a circus, with some parents even bringing their kids on their shoulders. I thought I was smelling either floods or death, but it turns out my car was just stanky.

Apparently Egland was last seen at the gas station, then fled on foot. He didn’t get far, or else he did some kidna loop after playing Rambo for a while… because the spot they were investigating was just a few hundred feet from the Lukoil on Almshouse/Sugarbottom/York Road in Warwick (very close to the Warwick tavern). That location had been reported a good 6 plus hours before he was proclaimed dead.

For a while we were warned to “lock our doors,” because an armed murderer was loose (although most of my information was from the web, as local media felt that lame flood-aftermath footage was more important). I’m not sure Egland was planning to gun folks down, and was pretty specific in his murders (unless you count the two police offers at whom he shot but didn’t severely harm). He went for his ex, her husband and his mother-in-law… then himself.

The crowd gathered like it was a circus performance. Then again, can I judge?

The guy had just returned from Iraq and I suppose he didn’t want certain people raising his daughter (who he dropped off at a hospital before fleeing, scaring folks, and eventually killing himself). The girl told hospital workers that her grandma was in heaven. She lived just a couple miles north of me.

Okay- for therapeutic relief I did amuse myself editing his face into random shots this afternoon. But none of these Flickr photos are digitally altered accept obviously the one of him peering out the window at the Doylestown Starbucks. Yeah, that’s fake. The rest are real.

Great way to end a week, right? An earthquake. A hurricane. Two tornados. Then you wake up to a military-trained murderer cruising your neighborhood armed and dangerous. My wife said she heard three gunshots some time in the afternoon, and I went driving around kinda hoping I’d spot him and run him over before he hurt anyone else. I recognize that’s not a very normal way to spend your Sunday.

Very relaxing.

Leonard Egland crime scene August 28, 2011. U.S. Army Captain who allegedly killed 4 people then himself

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  1. You’re so dramatic, Kev. Go pump out your basement, and be glad you don’t have to watch the VMA outfits.

  2. You got a member of the us military running around killing everyone in his ex wife’s family, kinda close to your neighborhood, and police are warning people to lock their doors and stay inside, and what do you do? Drive around looking for the guy. Yeah, that makes sense. You need to be kept on a leash at all times.

  3. I attended officer candidate school with cpt egland, he was a great soldier and leader, he served honorably for over 17 years for his country prior to this terrible event, none of you know leonard like few of us did, watch what u say and bad mouth someone u don’t know. No one will ever know what happened on sunday

    1. He’s a real peice of shit, and the world is better off without him. I know my family was relieved when they got him. All of Philly was happy. Who kills 7 yr old kids and old women?? Peices of shit like this guy.

      1. Doug, You have no idea what you are talking about. I am great friends with the family and Leonard was an educated career Marine who had served our country in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somolia. He was a family man and was struggling with PTSD, which you obviously know nothing about. My prayers are with the family, Leonard’s daughter, with those who pass judgement.

  4. Knowing him growing up, this was the complete opposite of who he was and for what he believed. He never drank nor took drugs. If he saw someone being abused or hurt, he was the one to calm the situation. He was a logistics officer, not a gunman. Everyone who knew him is shocked. How would you react, walking into the house you own, and finding a man in your bed when you aren’t divorced, yet? Oh, ya! Nerf gun!!! If Leonard had thought it through, I bet he would have chosen that option. He had a great sense of humor. And that DMV picture in Starbucks? Would have made him laugh. Only funnier to people who knew him if it was in a doughnut shop.

  5. While I am glad to hear this man hoad some human side to him at one, simply because of the nature of his departure from this Earth, I have to say it doesnt matter, even a little but if we knew him when he was a great guy. I am glad he served our country well, and for that maybe some lattitude should be given to some or most situations. There is no excuse for what he did to any one those people. I dont care if they were videotaping a porn for the internet, or if they were just having a relationship. He no longer lived there and their divorce was almost final. Surely someone of his intelligence should have realized she was going to move on. Please do not ask us (those who sat in a house all day in the midst of a disapointing Hurricane, while he ran around pouting like a 4 year who can kill) to have any mercy on him. He shot two family friends, dropped his daughter off at a hospital, while he supposedly returned to the area to kill yet another. He acted in no part according to his training or the behavior you seem so willing to shove in our faces. We did not know your friend like this, and have no care to. I am more surprised to find you defening a murderer, even more so at finding you defending a child’s murderer. There is no excuse for that, and quite honestly I will bad mouth this piece of grabage until the end of my time. My suggestion is that whatever happened you need to shut your pie hole. This man Murdered 4 people, took pot shots at 2 cops and was more than likely looking for his Ex Wifes brother when he was cornered.

  6. That lukoil is the wrong one on google maps that the author listed. The actual lukoil where he shot himself behind is on the corner of almshouse and 263 (old york road) in Jamison or warwick not sure which township that is considered. He did not commit suicide behind the lukoil exactly but rather behind it to the left if you are facing it directly, and behind the Action Karate that is being renovated to the left of the lukoil in the edge of the woods about dead center. Creepy area that patch of woods is, there was a police shoot out versus a drug dealer in the same area a number of years ago very strange.

  7. CPT Egland was a man of wisdom, leadership, and selfless service. He loved his daughter and estranged wife. They were married for more than 14 years. He suffered from PTSD and for those who have never had it, have no room to judge anyone. It is a mental disorder that has no cure and will never fully be understood. While what he did was tragic and will never be fully comprehended remember he was a man first and like all other people in the world, he had his own emotions and thoughts. We are not put on this earth to judge and condemn the actions of fellow man, we are here as Gods children and only our Father can judge us. To the person who asked if he had ties to Mohmmad and related him to a jihadist… you need to back away from that statement. You do not know him nor his family, his background, nor his mentality. Please keep that statement to yourself. My prayers are with the remaining Egland family and the families of the victims. May God heal your hearts and ease your mind during this tragic time.

    1. I’m sorry…He may have done great things and been a genuienly great guy up until last week but can we please get real for a moment, that kind of crime, especially on a 66 year old woman, your own wife, another man and a 7 year old boy AND shooting at police and wounding one are we supposed to NOT hold any kind of feelings of discontentment and anger toward him and not judge even in the least? To say don’t judge after a quad homicide and an obvious personality that behind closed doors ended up being controlling is a little ridiculous. I won’t detract from his service record or being a caring father to his father up until last week but I won’t sit there and think for one minute he shouldn’t be judged FFS.

  8. To RCNN,
    I will make you a deal. If I ever decide that I no longer want to live, and go on a rampage killing, for what I believe to be a worthwhile reason, you may then judge me. Christians are not supposed to judge at all, and while I definitely believe in God and see his works here on Earth, I know that there is a human element to our existence that is not only an excellent defense mechanism against whatever bad or evil things may happen to us, it is also a flaw. You have exposed yours by judging me, for my comments. So you go work on your Christianity, and Ill work on mine. I tend to lean towards the thought, however, that your are one of these supposed christians that believes that as long as long as they go their non-denominational churches and does what their flip flop wearing “man of peace” minister says, and tries really, really hard, you are beyond reproach because your are a christian. In its definition, being Christian is to be Christ like. There are 7 Deadly sins and there are the Virtues. What are you working on?

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