Weird & Unusual Weather Reports of the Week

"Modern Family" Gloria Delgado-Pritchett look-alike shows grace under pressure during earthquake weather segment

It’s been a weird week for weather reporting. What’s the most unusual report of these three? Or perhaps you’d like to pick from my personally hand-curated most epic weather people fails (below).

a) Gloria Delgado-Pritchett look-alike Jeannette Calle was recording her Accuweather report when the earthquake hit yesterday at 1:51pm ET. To see her graceful preamble click here, but the video below cuts right to the shake and “my heart was pounding.”

b) Our local Philadelphia meteorologist Jim Kosek focused mostly on his chiropractic condition, and his only relief from Advil and a soda. Then he tossed in some weather. Here’s another vintage/insane Kosek report.

c) Sorry, the third choice isn’t actually from this week, but it’s timeless and wonderful. The weatherman who has a screaming panic attack of a cock roach…

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