What if You Stumbled Into a Podium and Bullhorn?

So you’re walking down the street and you happen upon a bull horn and a podium. On a nice black & brass plate it says, “say something nice.” Do you know what you’d say?

If you stumbled across this podium and megaphone, what would you say? Well say it to someone already.

This is what makes ImprovEverywhere less edgy but far more wonderful than Candid Camera, Pranked or Punk’d. It comes from a really kind place… there aren’t victims. Sure we get to giggle at the reactions of strangers, but it’s never cruel.

The joke is on everyone and nobody. I think this is a heart-warming example of how a candid camera can give us interesting and positive  insights into how humans behave in curious positions. Improv is a wonderful skill, and Charlie Todd and his gang are quietly teaching it to us all. See the “back story” on the ImprovEverywhere website here.

Candidly almost none of the volunteer statesman and women are terribly provocative. I was expecting them to be more interesting or inspiring, and that’s a good lesson… Maybe we all need to have an inspiring “nice thing” as what public-relations folks call a “standby statement.” I’ll go with “just be yourself” as a contrast to “just do it.” You? And hey- they were brave enough to take the mic, and the reactions are charming.

I also feel like this video is a timely allegory in a time where every politician (and many video creators) have their 15 minutes to say something nice (or not).

So what’s your nice thing? Don’t type it below. Tell it to a stranger. They may need it more than you know.

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