Footage of Mark Zuckerberg When He Was Too Poor for a Gold Mug

Huffington Post shows us a YouTube video that shows Jesse Eisenberg (played here by Mark Zuckerberg) in a rare pre-fame and wealth interview.

Zuckerberg once had his morning Bud Light right out of a red plastic cup, friends. So there’s hope for us.

The clip, writes TechCrunch, shows Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook’s Palo Alto office in June 2005… (and is) apparently part of a longer 40-minute-interview from a documentary about millennials shot by Ray Hafner and Derek Franzese.

It tells the 2004 story of starting at Facebook, Harvard (where 2/3 signed up), Columbia, Yale and Stanford… then about 29 schools. “Now we’ll go to parties on campus, and we’ll be in someone’s room and there’s The Facebook on the screen,” he’d say.

And that’s “The Facebook” co-founder Dustin Moskovitz doing a keg stand.

Dustin Moskovitz, co founder, who doesn't appear on "The Social Network" sadly.

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