YouTube Heroically Guards Against Photosensitive Epilepsy

I was uploading some videos today, and I found a new “YouTube Ratings” check-box. You gotta let them know if you’re uploading a video with strobing or flashing lights.

Got photosensitive epilepsy? Fear not. YouTube's got your back.

It seems YouTube is guarding those people with photosensitive epilepsy. People living with this condition experience epileptiform seizures upon exposure to certain visual stimuli.

I wonder if there’ll soon be a “check here if your video contains any portion of We Can Make It Because of The Burgers and the Fries.”

3 Replies to “YouTube Heroically Guards Against Photosensitive Epilepsy”

  1. awesome. I have epilepsy, and hate it when people make fun of epilepsy, or if I watch a video that has those flashing lights. Epilepsy is a serious issue for me, and its caused great grief in my life. Its not something to mock at all. So, I hope you were just informing the public about this, and not being an asshole. 🙂

  2. Good for YouTube.

    A, Kevin isn’t making fun of anyone. He’s usually pretty sympathetic to people with various maladies. Also, he’s not that subtle.

  3. I’ve noticed this when uploading as well. I think that’s pretty cool looking out for those with epilepsy…or just a distaste for bright flashing lights.

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