Remember When Men Used to Buy Things?

Goodyear: For the man who once had control of (or influence on) his household's budget

Do you remember when marketers used to target men?

Here’s a commercial for Goodyear that plays to a husband’s fear of his incompetent wife driving. Thanks to the good folks at Reddit, and artfuldodger89‘s brilliantly titled post: “My tiny, inferior female mind cannot understand what this commercial is implying.”

3 Replies to “Remember When Men Used to Buy Things?”

  1. I haven’t watched commercials for a while, but have marketers really quit with the beer, truck, and erectile dysfunction ads?

    1. @Alexis… no they havn’t. Didnt you know that now when you drink Coors, the can will tell you when the beer is cold and when it’s super cold! Now we dont need to rely on our own senses to tell us simple things like when beer’s cold! Isn’t that amazing?

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