Monkey AK-47 Video Goes Viral

An monkey/ape using an AK-47 video has gone viral with more than 12 million views since it was posted less than a month ago…

While it may have fooled your barber, you certainly know better. It’s an increasingly rare but solid example of using faux footage to stimulate buzz… in this case for 20th Century Fox’s “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.” See more commercial “viral” clips on the Viral Video Chart courtesy of Mashable.

8 Replies to “Monkey AK-47 Video Goes Viral”

  1. when I first saw this, maybe a month ago, they had me going – I thought it was real, but then it struck me, if I was holding the camera and my little cuz was shooting things up, I wouldn’t be holding that camera.

    Still, good off the wall promo for the movie – hope it’s as good as the ad.

  2. Oh thats a chimp alright. It’s actually very offensive to confuse us apes with monkeys. It’s like using a racial slur. It used to really get to me, but I know that most people just don’t know.
    “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”

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