Best of VidCon 2011 (YouTube Meetup)

Best of vidcon 2011
More than 1000 members of the YouTube community turned out in LA this week.

Time for a quick “best of” of VidCon 2011, the second-annual gathering of creators and members of the YouTube community (founded and run by Musician Hank Green and his brother Author John Green, aka VlogBrothers). Oh I’m Nalts by the way. My nametag was titled, “once mattered.” 🙂

Here are some of my favorite 15 moments. Yours? Link below!

  1. On VidCon’s YouTube Channel, CBS’s Shira Lazar captured some “behind the scenes” clips with your favorite YouTubers. For LOADS of footage from a sleuth of young callabors (collaborators) check out WeAreGoingToVidCon.
  2. I got to hang out with some of the YouTube Orbitians like Katinatreesee, Urgo6667 and Matt.
  3. Tobuscus got all cracked-up and performed.
  4. Julia Nunes performed... rough footage, but isn’t she adorable?
  5. Rootberry performed live (we missed it because we were socializing in the lobby).
  6. The amazing Gregory Brothers performed. I missed them too. But that’s okay because the last time I met them I screamed, “I’ve always wanted to meet you.” They reminded me I’d already met them.
  7. Charlie Todd (ImprovEverywhere and Author of the prank-how-to book “Causing a Scene“) spoke. He’s the bestest.
  8. Shaycarl’s SonTard did some bad-ass dancing. Acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.
  9. Loads more clips: click to search the most-recent videos tagged with VidCon 2011.
  10. Liz Shannon Miller (GigaOm/NewTeeVee) writes about how YouTube is changing, and what that means to its relationship with the community (YouTube sponsored the event, but the gathering is autonomous). And check out YouTube’s Cosmic Panda.
  11. Derrick Lang cleared up in AP and ABC that there were no cute puppies or skateboard fails.
  12. I took a bunch of photos with Wifeofnalts and some of our favorite peeps. Missed seeing Trippy, Charlie Todd and a few others.
  13. Olgakay’s picture was everywhere I went… from the news coverage to the attendee bag.
  14. Fox in LA covered the story… thousands attended, they’z say.
  15. Thesefolk is already talking about VidCon 2012, which is going to be in Anaheim. Here’s the Vidcon 2012 Facebook page.

17 Replies to “Best of VidCon 2011 (YouTube Meetup)”

  1. My favorite thing about vidcon 2011? All the drugs I got to do with the money I saved by not going.

  2. VC2012 is going to be so much better. How many hotels are they going to have lined up this time.. I hear ten but I think that’s people guessing because they don’t know. That would be great but I was pretty sure Hank himself said to let him sleep a week and then he’ll get back on it. Hah!

  3. To be fair, I’m not actually in the Orbit, I just let those folks hang out with me. 🙂

    Oh and maybe you’d have more favorite moments if you hadn’t missed most of them.

    That being said, if you went for the panels and industry day, to help you learn more about YouTube then it was good. If you went to meet like minded people and make new friends, it was great. If you went to see old friends, it was good too, although there were quite a few old friends missing. If you went to meet popular YouTubers and get yourself noticed, it wasn’t really the place for you to be.

    We are now in an age where the old “traditional” gathering will only be achieved in smaller localized/regional gatherings, and big gatherings like VidCon will be all about show and spectacle, with an element of we’re all cooler than you thrown in for good measure.

  4. Is there a good write-up or a FAQ video about the Youtube Orbit faction of YouTube? Is it a group like the Nerdfighters, Shaytards, Moosh Army, etc? I know someone in it but she seems on and off with her committment to daily vlogs so I’m not sure exactly what it is..

  5. Hi D, The YouTube Orbit (name coined by nalts and run by me) is basically a group of (70+ currently) people who make daily videos on YouTube. The channel for it is

    Basically if your friend is up for attempting a year of daily videos send them our way and I’ll get them set up on the channel. It’s a great community!

    Here is a FAQ video explaining it a little more:

  6. Ah! Just looked at the channel and saw her face up on there. She’s Wendy. Met her at a smaller video based convention called the BlogVegas Gathering. Good to know she’s got more reach than I thought! I’ll be watching the FAQ video right now and then to bed. Early shoot tomorrow. See ya.

  7. Wendy aka wb530? Yeah she just re-joined. She was a member about a year ago for a while and then quit. I actually met her at vidcon too last week.

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