Celebrities Do Shakespeare

What would it sound like if Shakespeare quotes were delivered by such actors as Jack Nicholson, Barack Obama, Jack Nicholson, Paul Giamatti, Johnny Carton, Robert DeNero, Droopy Dog, Ricky Gervais and Ron Howard?

All of this from the mouth of impressionist guru Jim Meskiman, the voice of JibJab. Check him on YouTube. As I’ve said, he 21st century’s Mel Blanc.

My favorite? Clearly Morgan Freeman at 2:20. And for the record, as I proved with Jim Meskiman’s help… he is alive.

10 Replies to “Celebrities Do Shakespeare”

  1. Whats interesting about this guy is that he is spot on with some of the lesser used impressions,like garrison keillor, but his johnny carson sucked! Still a fun video, and the morgan freeman was uncanny.

  2. Thanks, Nalts.
    You know, I never try to be perfect, but I do try and evoke the character, the viewpoint they hold. Technical perfection, though I may be wrong, is not the senior consideration. So, that’s just to say that to those that have criticisms of some of my impressions, I humbly say, “You’re right.”
    Now YOU do a fucking video.
    Love, Jim

  3. This is amazing! Not only does Jim capture and recreate the voice, but the facial expressions, the mannerisms, the very breathing! He is a true genius. And all in one take?! Incredible. I especially loved Woody Allen…

  4. Jim is absolutely Amazing! I thought all of his impressions were spot on! He even has all the mannerisms and facial expressions down. He’s performing in Hollywood,so i’m sure some of the celebrities he’s impersonating will be in the audience. I’d love to se their reactions!

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