YouTube Money Statistics: Partner Ad Income in 2011

Since the most-searched terms for this blog are around “how much do YouTube partners make,” I feel obligated to share these rare nuggets. YouTube has been quite silent about Partner income, but here are some nuggets reported in USAToday recently.

  • Any ad revenue generated is shared, “with more than 50% going to the partner,” says YouTube spokesman Matt McLernon. Keep in mind that “ad revenue” isn’t gross profits, I believe, but revenue less cost of sales.
  • More than 20,000 people are YouTube Partners — content providers who company officials feel can consistently upload innovative videos capable of driving viewers to their sites.
  • The number of partners making more than $1,000 a month is up 300% since early 2010, and a few hundred pull in six figures a year.
  • Seems the greatest variable between “BIG” earners and mediocracy is whether they read Beyond Viral. Okay that I made up. A course cleanser.
  • So 20K Partners means the bar is being lowered, but “a few hundred” pulling six figures a year is non trivial. Remember that income is driven by cumulative views not subscribers. But it stands to reason that the majority of the top 100 most-viewed YouTubers in a given year are making better than $100K.

Here’s a ranking of most-viewed Partners of all time, but the list could be skewed by lots of recent views (understating rank) or lots of cumulative views before even 2011 (overstating rank). And no, nosey head, I’m not on the list. Besides, I give all my earnings to the children. Oh not those children. Mine.


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4 thoughts on “YouTube Money Statistics: Partner Ad Income in 2011”

  1. heh Shay does better than Usher, and Dawson has two channel on the top, wow.

    I don’t watch any of theses channels – I subbed to shay when he first started, but when people get that popular, they loose the personable and heck I can just watch TV for that – I’m sure it’s nice that they make 6 figures, but I don’t see any of these people contributing to make the world better.

    there’s responsibility that goes along with making big money – course none of these folks are Warren Bufett.

    Still, they have an opportunity to make an impact and they choose not to, they worry about views – it’s capitalism, not patriotism.

    Anyway, I don’t see an example of anything different and I know they don’t need me to watch.

    The nice thing about having a brain that works is you can actually choose where you put or waste your meaningful time.

    Most of the top you tube channels are trying to maintain the status quo, I’m working to change it.

    yeah, that all probably sounded a little snooty, but eventually everyone comes to the realization what you’re chasing matters.

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