Which Trailer Makes You Want “Dead Island” More?

Two trailers, with dramatically different approaches. The first is about a girl’s death, and takes the viewer backwards to experience it. The second, released recently, shows more game play, and is certainly more “blue” with its cursing and rap music.

From a marketer’s perspective, I like the sequence. The first creates intrigue and emotional connection to the story/game. The second gets you pretty jazzed (or in my case terrified) about game play.


2 Replies to “Which Trailer Makes You Want “Dead Island” More?”

  1. Spot on, the sequence is perfect. Loved the first one, and the second one comes with great timing, after the buzz generated by trailer 1 (toboscus had a go with his literal translations as well if remember correctly) some gameplay action was kind of necessary. However, I don’t think I’ll play it 😀

  2. Games today ARE interactive Movies now. They Follow a Storyline (or StoryLines) and immerse you into the action.

    I don;t think there was enough blood in the send one.

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