2 Replies to “Why Choices Are Bad”

  1. Boy this is really a propaganda Video against Capitalism and Freedom of Choice. Choices are not Bad. The intent of those choices and the outcome of those choice can be “Bad.”

    They would have you think that your thoughts are wrong. Choices are a Learning tool. We learn from our mistakes.

    The Video is making alot of one sided perspective and statements about Capitalism and that Capitalists are holding a gun to your head to choose their product or work for them. That people are Stupid and scared of everything and slaves to these Capitalists.

    That Social Change can only come about by Fighting Capitalism.

    All I have to say to one of the last balloons “I Need a Cake to Feel Better” … “The Cake is a Lie”

    So Less Choices are better for Society? Who Then are to make these Choices for you to limit your choices?

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