Cats Bark When We’re Not Listening

It’s topping YouTube’s trending videos… Finally proof that, just like cows standing when we’re not watching, cats bark… in this rare and exclusive footage, a cat is caught barking… but then cleverly reverts to meowing as if nobody caught it.

Well you’re busted, Mr. Whiskers. And you can tell your feline friends we’re onto them. We also are awaiting your massive exodus via an alien cat spaceship.

Gary Larson Discovered Cows Stand When Humans Aren't Watching

2 Replies to “Cats Bark When We’re Not Listening”

  1. That video was stupid. Ive had cats for 20 years and they make weird noises all the time. Especially when you put them in the microwave.

  2. I clicked on play and both of my cats ran! I mean RAN to the door and stared. One looked at the other one, then both crouched down as if ready to fend off an attacker. Very strange, I’ve never seen either one of them do this before. As I always suspected, further proof that cats do have a secret language.

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