Army Manual for Undead, Zombies

U.S. Army Zombie Guide

Thanks to the Zombie Combat Command for preparing a field manual to prepare for the undead and zombies. Don’t think they’re coming? Take a gander at this video montage, courtesy of Wired.

So what are the top 10 ways can you prepare based on this new field guide?

  1. Read the guide.
  2. Skip the guide and read my top-10.
  3. Take advantage of terrain. When in doubt, fire.
  4. Loot pharmacies. Meds are valuable barter material, easy to hide and transport, and don’t soon expire.
  5. Panic
  6. Avoid large gatherings like VidCon2011.
  7. Drink Snappycow
  8. Ensure you’re not a zombie. If you are, cease to panic. You can’t become one anymore.
  9. Look forward to bad ass music that usually accompanies zombie attacks
  10. Try funny prank: pretend you’re a zombie. Worked well for Bill Murray.



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  1. Did the zombie spam marketers take control of your RSS feed on this particular item?
    When reading this article on my Google Reader, between the text and the video, is a barrage of cialis and viagra spam! Seriously, how can/did that happen?

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