Man Arrested Due to YouTube Post of Crime

He kicked his dog. It ended up on YouTube. He was arrested. Interesting timing since I was recently contacted by the SPCA about my 3-year-old video where Spencer (Farting in Public) took a hamster on a walk on a leash.

While I’d been assaulted by PETA¬†activists¬†before (claiming I hurt the rodent), I’ve always left the video up. But the SPCA lady was so reasonable, and didn’t accuse me of animal abuse. Rather she appealed to my love of animals, and asked if I thought the video could encourage harmful treatment. With that, I volunteered (without her asking) to pull down the video.


4 Replies to “Man Arrested Due to YouTube Post of Crime”

  1. Did the nice SPCA lady talk to you about your improper relations with Freddy or wasn’t she aware of that?

  2. I think it’s interesting that the individual who filmed the video posted it on YouTube, rather that giving it directly to authorities. Why? Because it sparks a reaction.

    I think if you’re going to use online media to raise awareness about something (even a singular instance of animal abuse), then it wouldn’t hurt to have the name of the city stamped onto the video, along with thousands of views and hundreds of comments of outraged citizens.

    If the video was just reported by itself, who knows how long it would have been sitting in a pile of evidence at the police department?

    Also, I may not walk my hamster, but I do walk my goldfish; daily. I’ve never been charged with animal cruelty.

  3. She couldt have done anything to you anyway. She cant prove when the video was made, she cant prove the statute of limitations hasnt already passed, she cant even prove she has jurisdiction over the case because she cant prove where the incident took place. She’s just a petty bureaucrat trying to act like a big shot. I dont care if she was friendly toward you and appealed to your kinder sensibilities, and I dont care if you took the video down or not. She is nothing more than a petty bureaucrat trying to exert her limited authority in an arena where she really has none. Dead serious about this, but I admit that I am biased due to my dislike and distrust any form of so-called law enforcement, for reasons that you (kev) know.

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