More Tips on YouTube Marathon

What’s it take to sustain as a YouTube weblebrity? Going viral is a sprint, but staying vibrant is a marathon.

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Hank Green, with his brother John, are the Vlogbrothers and more.

As VidCon2011 approaches, it’s time for some thoughts from Hank Green, one of the event’s founders… inspired by something beyond the fame and money, the Green brothers have sustained long beyond their 15 minutes.

Says Hank: “I actually just wrote an article on motivation and success. I think everyone is motivated by different things, but the trick is actually believing in it, either because you think a little more money, a little more fame, a little more recognition really will make you a happier / more satisfied / more important person.

I’ve had different motivations throughout the process, from getting views to getting subscribers, to being recognized by other youtubers, to being recognized by YouTube, to feeling obligated to our community, to feeling like we actually have an opportunity to do good things, to feeling like we have an opportunity to do big things, to actually believing in what we do as a force for cultural change.

All of those things motivate in different ways and they all overlap. I we didn’t have all of them, I don’t know if we could do it.

Only because we have all of those different bits of motivation, it doesn’t seem like a big deal to spend eight hours a day developing ideas for videos, interacting with our community, or whatever else we’re up to at the moment. I pour pretty much all of my creative juices into our videos now (or on projects that relate to our videos.) And that’s only OK because I actually believe in it. If I didn’t have all of those various sources of motivation, I’d go get a real job.”

Hank, my friend… you do have a real job.

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  1. Honestly,
    hank is probably my favorite youtuber. Nalts, if there is any way you can introduce us that would be awesome.

    By the way, are you going to be available to sign my copy of Beyond Viral at VidCon? I bought it last Saturday and am reading it now. Thanks for your dedication to YouTube and the community.

  2. Hank–I’m so glad you acknowledge that money/recognition are okay things to have as motivation. Sometimes in the creative world people say things like “the art alone is what motivates me” but, realistically, money and recognition are probably just as equally, if not more, influential in lots of the creative process.

    Nalts, I love this series!

  3. Love this series of posts, and thought this was a particularly good conversation! I just booked my flight and hotel for VidCon, and this post has got me even more excited to connect with other YouTubers.

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