Rethinking Social Video

Meet Grant Crowell, a writer for ReelSEO and one of the more social guys of the medium. He’s far better at interacting with his audience than I am, and he’s got some interesting perspectives on redefining “social video.” Check out his article from a few weeks ago (which I meant to share earlier).

Here’s Grant’s definition of “social video” (which isn’t the same as viral): Social video is the blending of video with human relationships for the co-creation of value.

I like it because it’s about “Value” not viral (most viral videos offer some value, but not all value videos go viral… and that’s okay). Here’s my two cents… consider four relationships:

1) The video creator with his/her current audience.
2) The video creator’s relationship with other creators/aggregators.
3) The OTHER creator/aggregator (like a blog owner or popular YouTuber) relationship with his/her audience.
4) The potential NEW relationship between creator (1) and the audience of creator/aggregator #2.
  • The first relationship requires interacting with the audience, and nourishing it. They may well share your video for you.
  • The second relationship is probably a more direct/frequent one. Sometimes they’ll share your stuff because they find it, but nurturing a relationship with them can help. For instance, I shared Grant’s presentation here because Grant keeps in touch… and gives me little crap when I’m not responsive (and still doesn’t give up on me).
  • Finally, the original creator should ensure his/her video invites the NEW audience to join. That’s often missing in viral videos, where incremental views do little to provide the viral creator with a new sustainable audience.
So consider how you, creator, relate not just to your existing audience, but other influencers who have audiences (one-to-one). Do you spam them, or send them select content that may interest their audience. Do you beg for a “shout out” or do you offer them content & ideas that they’ll want to share? Do you stay in touch?
Second, be sure your content invites “noobs” to join you… tell them why rather than plead for a sub.
My two cents.

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  1. Nalts i have a video named INTERACTIVE TIC TAC TOE i just posted last night and want to try to get it noticed tis game took me 131 video to make and over 1000+ annotations and a month of hard editing and video linking to make this game on youtube please play it and check it out and if you can write about it or help it out in anyway i would be greatful. P.s its my 21st B-day today =]

  2. This is great info Uncle Nalts. The problem sometimes is… you would love to “do stuff” with real creators (because most of us aren’t “creators” we just put up “STUFF” LOL), but there is distance and opportunity hurdles.

    *disclaimer STUFF is a word I use for lack of a better word 🙂 cheers

  3. Hey Jared, I bet you can’t make a fully interactive chess game on YouTube. You’d only need to make about a billion billion billion billion billion videos. Hahahahaha!

  4. You guys are supposed to all be talking about ME you basterds! What’s the TIC TAC TOE and chess crap?? He’s just enlighted you and you’re off in the most rudimentary of board games? Excusssse meeeee for being so anti-social here.

    Kidding. Just a sign of an ADD-ridden culture even in our comments. Hey everyone look over there — bright light!

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