How To Get YouTube Views and Subscribers Without Getting Scammed

How can I get YouTube views and subscribers without getting scammed? Here’s a video that discourages the use of bots, cheats and ridiculous purchase of views and subscribers (on eBay and other services found on Google searches).

There’s no “magic bullet” or proven way to get views and subscribers overnight (although that can happen with particularly viral videos). Instead, try a) optimism and persistence, b) collaborating and being social (interacting) with viewers and people who already have an audience (give them a reason to “shout you out” or embed your video, don’t beg or pay), and c) learn… links in the video description to my free eBook (How To Get Popular on YouTube Without Any Talent) and book (Beyond Viral).

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  1. What’s up brother? Long time no see… We should grab multiple beers the next time you are in NYC. Interesting vid. There are many, many solutions that get actual “real” Youtube views out there. There are transparent solutions amongst the “Black Magic” that you mention above. I happen to work for an amazing company that has one of them…

    Peace out,

    Dave Ford

  2. It seems now that there are more online video makers than any other job in the world today.And who can blame them ?Who wants a wage slave,soul sucking traditional style job ? Only people who had the bad luck to be born into poverty.Better to sit at home and make vids even if it means living simple.

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