I Love Cats (Girl Crying in “eHarmony Video Bio”)

She loves cats. She may be faking, or she may be eccentric. But the real question you should ask yourself is… why are we sharing this? It’s like Chris Crocker being dusted off for a revisit.

June 12 addition: And here’s Mikeny500’s “I Like Beer,” and my “I Like Doughnuts” with Pipistrello tonight.


10 Replies to “I Love Cats (Girl Crying in “eHarmony Video Bio”)”

  1. another question perhaps, a deeper question, is why are we so concerned with Weiner’s weener when the current Administration is bombing women and children all over the Middle East and North Africa into bits and pieces?

    I contend that it is the moral failure and the ability to harness control of the masses by the corporate media.

    The science of psychology is in full swing and in the wrong hands.

    The collective SUB-conscious is crying and mourning this loss and failure and our collective consciousness doesn’t understand why this is happening so it is fascinated and cries over stupid things.

    too deep?

  2. I was thinking about how much this video sucked and irritated me… and then I realized I recognize this guy! I was in a meeting at the YouTube office with him! I was stuck in this boring meeting and he wouldn’t shut up! He kept interrupting Mea as she was trying to move the discussion along. He felt the need to keep telling everyone how many video views he has on his channel and how brilliant he is. I wanted to reach across the table and slap him upside the head! It was a big table though so I was left to my other option… throwing out sarcastic comments to try and get him to shut his trap. I have to say… I ended up entertaining myself and others where cracking up as well. The guy didn’t get my subtle hints though. This guy likes to talk about himself more that Renetto does! Well… I don’t know if that’s possible, but he’s a close second.

  3. What the heck is this garbage, Kevin?

    The stupid cat girl video is lame enough without the worthless commentary by that guy.

  4. I f***ing HATE cats. Kelly, are you referring to Stalker of Nalts or the Alexis from RHWOOC? Cuz if you are insulting SON, I will have to take you out back and pull a Metry on you. Not nice for a born again.

  5. @Nalts’ Sister… I was referring to the Stalker. I would NEVER speak in such terms about Alexis from RHWOOC! She’s a charming woman.

    “Not nice for a born again”? Haha! Oh please… I’m a freakin’ saint! *adjusts halo as it strangles me*

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