Knalts the Knife: Ouch

It never seizes to amaze me the “street cred” I get for being the knife in Annoying Orange. Grant, my parts are small with the exception of my debut (No More Mister Knife Guy). My “Mommy and Me” part was especially brief, but at least Wifeofnalts made her debut on the series.

Now let’s take a new angle on the Knife. As you perhaps know, I’ve met my demise before on YouTube. Paul Scott 1972 killed me with car batteries in a parking lot in a lovely video titled “Ignored, Part 5.” Then Davideo (maker of the Pepsi Girl who exploded) was good enough to have me fake killed for GooTube Conspiracy.

Now Iggy35 (check out his epic portfolio) has a new video where I get knifed. Watch, puke, watch again. Then be sure to check out my favorite “fan/hater” video titled NALTS: (**~!0v3**H@t3**s3x**N@!tS~**):

Tell me Garfield has a video like this to promote “Get Seen.”

5 Replies to “Knalts the Knife: Ouch”

  1. I think you have you terms mixed up. ‘street cred’ is where you wear a bandana, the color of which signals to the people on the street that your one of the crips or bloods, and whether they should run like hell to get away from you. Youve got ‘geek cred,’ which is when you write an incredibly boring blog full of inane commentary and stppid shit about which camerais the best to use and how to become a youtube weblebrity, which coinidentally also causes people to run like hell to get away from you.

  2. Never “ceases” to amaze me. I don’t think you actually have seizures when you are amazed, do you?

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