If Facebook Was A Pair of Mormans

Imagine Facebook as a pair of potentially Morman Aussies? Would you trust them with the information you share with the website? This is a well-timed video considering the recent attempt by Facebook to smear Google for social-networking privacy issues.

Here are the folks from Burston Marsteller that were behind Facebook’s poorly executed op-ed campaign…

Meet Moe Larry and Curly: The three behind the Burston-/Marsteller Facebook campaign against Google


9 Replies to “If Facebook Was A Pair of Mormans”

  1. I like Morwomans. Except I also like watching the creepy Sister Wives. Not Kody, just the wives.

  2. The title should read “If Facebook Were a Pair of Mormons”. Silly Kevin… always forgetting to use the subjunctive after a conditional.

  3. Yay alexis with the grammer correction! Bad grammar drives me crazy, even though I myself am sometimes guilty of it myself.

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