Hungry Dog Tease (voiceover comedy)

Here’s a hungry (and very viral) dog and his owner discussing items in the fridge. The dog, of course, is desperate for food. The owner teases him to the point of howls. The brilliance is the simplicity and dual voiceover, which has a timeless appeal… a bit Honeymooners even.

Found some Maple bacon… I know who’d like that. Me.

Then I saw some beef. Steak… juicy… ate that too.

But I went back… put together some chicken, cheese, cat treats… then I gave it to the cat.

Here’s a playlist of similar videos from Klaatu42, the creator whose name is Andrew from Nova Scotia, Canada.

We salute you, Andrew. Of course we believe Jack the Dog’s consumption of my book holds great promise for him too.




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  1. What the fuck is the point of reading this blog when I cant access the video?? I got enough aggravation in my life. dont need any more.

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