How to Handle Teenage Stress

Here’s a nice video montage about handling stress as teenagers… by GodRox and YouthQuestions. A ten-minute clip that reminds us of all the things we know but forget. I’m in there, but Ruth’s accent takes the cake.

Says the description: “Stress is something we all deal with, probably throughout most of our lives. Learning to handle it appropriately at a young age is very important. While you’re a teenager, there’s pressure from school, parents, friends, and work that can stress you out. When you grow up, a lot of those same things can continue to be stressful.”


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BTW- here’s my 2007 “message to teenagers” video.

One Reply to “How to Handle Teenage Stress”

  1. have sex, do drugs, eat junk food, destroy your school, oh, and most of all, talk back to adult, they like that – extra brownie points!

    If those don’t work lock yourself in you room with video games and never come out.

    Just do any of those things and all your problems will melt away.

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