6 Replies to “YouTube NextUp Winners”

  1. Bah okay that one posted. I’ll try once more……

    I put together a chart of the semi-finalists and winners over at SocialBlade. Click my name in the comment since maybe it was the link itself in here that stopped my comment from posting.. anyway..

    5 of the 25 winners had over 100k subs. 8 had over 50k. 10 were in the top 25 and only 4 had less then me.

    My last comment was better but damn you wordpress for not accepting it!

  2. ugh!
    I really don’t like hurting people’s feelings, but isn’t this hashing rehashed browns?

    which reminds me of a story – anyone want to hear it?

    ITMT I’m going to keep assembling a cult.

    Hey Kevin check your e-mail

  3. Hey thanks Kevin. Jischinger, if you mean “rehashed” as in who was selected, there was actually a lot of new blood chosen. I feel like the veteran of the group.

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