iJustine Gets Philanthropic and Fluid

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iJustine, the YouTube star and graphic designer, is holding a contest to benefit Charity:Water. Check out the 2011 version of a press release (here), by MASScanvas — a new type of online graphic design contest. “Creating synergy among celebrities, designers and charities, MASScanvas aims to inspire a community of creativity and philanthropy – Design with a Purpose.”

We like that. Because purposeless design is so 2010.

Here’s her announcement video, and then check out the “Why Water” video by CharityWater.org… it’s very powerful. Plus I friggin’ love the tagline: “Just $20 can give one person access to clean water.” It’s such a small and specific “ask.”

The contest is only through May 21, so enter if you’re graphically inclined. And tell her Nalts sent you. Yeah the one who urged her to dive into YouTube in 2008. Yeah I’m gonna keep reminding us of that. Oh and check out iJustine shouting out the Honeybadger don’t give a sh@t, and see a bunny making a bed.

6 Replies to “iJustine Gets Philanthropic and Fluid”

  1. And I have seend iJustine pull some fast ones especialy on her gaming channel. While she’s playing she’ll mention a celeb or famous person out of the blue while playing. Justin beiber was one example and Rebecca Black was another. That becomes the Title of her Video and shows up in her tags.

    It is wrong? IDK, but it is awfully close and not something I would pull. Just very Tricky. I had thought that YouTube was going to crack down on this stuff, but obviously not.

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