Internet Fame Timeline (As Demonstrated by Antoine Dodson)

The Internet fame “arch” is short. It peaks quickly and drops as thunderously. But I didn’t need to tell you that, did I?

Exhibit A: Antoine Dodson. From obscurity to meme as “Bed Intruder Song,” but alas he’s now been arrested for marijuana¬†possession¬†and a series of driving infractions.

Internet fame... rise fast, fall faster

9 Replies to “Internet Fame Timeline (As Demonstrated by Antoine Dodson)”

  1. To be fair, some traffic tickets and a pot possession isn’t really much of a fall. I think these actions describe a pretty healthy percentage of Americans, Internet fame or no.

  2. He’s climbing up the internet. He snatching your views up. Trying to take em – so ya’ll need to hide yo weed hide yo pipe.

  3. I am no sure about the shape of this Internet fame graph. Is it really an arch? Because it looks more like a rusty nail, sticking out of a wood chunk.

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