Huffington Post Spotlights YouTube’s Best Videos

The Huffington Post shows off the best viral videos by weekly running a YouTube Trends report and turning it into journalism…

Now we just need a YouTube amateur vlogger channel that summarizes the week’s most popular Huffington Post articles. And *boom* the Aol Video strategy is born.

P.S. Post your worst videos below. It’s time for a blog post on the worst videos of 2011. Not memes- just clips that make you cringe.

P.P.S. You’re really not supposed to use postscripts when you don’t sign your name. €£¥^%#~>•


6 Replies to “Huffington Post Spotlights YouTube’s Best Videos”

  1. I nominate that seven minute long brain fart called “I want to be African American” for the worst video of 2011. It’s not that it was terribly racist or anything, it was just pointless and stupid.

  2. I saw Beni & Rafi on front page of MSN the other day… so now it’s just spotlighting YouTube videos on these “portals”? 😀

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