Double Dream “Paws” Cat

Remember Mark Day? Showing he still cares, he’s jumped on the Double Dream Hands wave with a cat. It’s a rather perfect formula, and an irresistibly inviting thumbnail even before I knew it was Mark’s cat. Cats sell, kids. Forget what your marketing teachers ever told you about cows.

To recap the “Double Dream Hands” saga:

P.S. I’ll bet you a solid hunk of feta cheese that if you click this link you’ll have this Tigger song stuck on your head for the day.

6 Replies to “Double Dream “Paws” Cat”

  1. Wtf was that?? I am completely mystified with the apparent fascination with the original video. Its stupid but not stupid enough to be funny. And what the fuck is planet rock? And why does this jacobson dude think anybody else would be interested in this ‘choreography?’ what the hell am I missing here?

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