Non-Boring SXSW Video!

Okay we’ve had our fair share of SXSW footage, but this one is darned entertaining. And I’m not just saying that because my adult hero is David Meerman Scott. Tim Washer provides a brilliant foil to the self-deprecating and faux-pomposity of Scott.

Oh sorry… not familiar with SXSW (South By Southwest)? 1999 called and it wants to revoke your license to use the Internet. And if you have heard of South by Southwest but haven’t attended, click here to see AlexBlagg’s “SkankJenk” tips for noobs to become “sout by southbests“.

This clip (and the Blagg tips on secret barbecues of Austin, self promotion bumping, and the importance of not sleeping and eating) bring the annual love-fest of “cool nerds” to life. Scott chronicles the “off the beaten path” aspects in short, comedic montages. I challenge you… no I DARE you to find more interesting coverage. Bring it.

Now let me just make one thing perfectly clear about the “alleged” batts of Austin’s bridge. I went to Austin. I watched for them for hours one night. Then the next night. On the third night I discovered the bat rumor is a cruel Internet hoax. There are no bats.

Credits for above video: Directed and edited by John Knowles
Shot by John Birdsong. Brought to you by the Roger Smith Hotel

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8 Replies to “Non-Boring SXSW Video!”

  1. I went to college and law school in austin and attended what I think was the first sxsw event. It was in 1986, mid summer outdoors, hot and dusty, and I was drunk most of the time. I remember nothing else about it. Probably a good thing.

  2. Kev, big fan here.

    But mate, you made a spelling mistake in the title.
    You don’t spell “Very” as N….O…..N.

    I’ve had more fun flossing my teeth.

  3. My buddy Gary The Bicycle Tramp (as seen in some of my recent videos) abandoned his hobo camp here in Marshall, Texas and caught a Grayhound down there for the event. He hasn’t returned.

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