Black Swan-Gate Coverup Revealed: Natalie Portman’s Face Digitally Placed Over Sarah Lane

How much of Black Swan’s ballet dancing was actually Natalie Portman, and not the secret “stunt” ballet girl, Sarah Lane?

Journalists became suspicious based on this poorly altered photo in the "Black Swan" press kit, which was later recalled.

Below is a video that shows how Black Swan’s directors and producers digitally placed Natalie Portman’s face over “stunt” dancer Sarah Lane, then tried to conceal that fact during Oscar-buzz season. The film producers allegedly hushed Lane, an American Ballet theatre soloist, and even reedited a public F/X reel to conceal some of the facial replacements. Lane says Portman actually did about 5 percent of the full-body dance scenes (see EW article linked in below image).

The real deception is the math: 80% and 5%, and how they got there

Darren Aronofsky said he had his editor count, and of the 139 dance scenes in “Black Swan,” only 28 are Sarah Lane, who was not credited in the film as a stand-in. That math is a bit misleading, however, since the number 139 includes lots of simple things like wiggling arms in front of a mirror.

What’ya think? Oscar coverup?

9 Replies to “Black Swan-Gate Coverup Revealed: Natalie Portman’s Face Digitally Placed Over Sarah Lane”

  1. I dont think she got the oscar because people thought she was a fabulous ballet dancer. Lesbo scenes, people.

  2. There is a ‘lesbo scene’?! I’m gonna have to watch this movie!

    Can’t wait for the critique from our in-house ballerina Alexis.

  3. Nutcheese, I havent seen it yet, but zackscott couldnt stop talking about them for days after he saw it. Of course he didnt call them lesbo scenes. He called them ‘two girls touching each other in their naughty places! What is this strange ritual I have never witnessed or even heard tell of?? And why did watching thrm make my dirty bit get really hard and refuse to relax until after my evening bath when I washed it quite vigorously?’

  4. Sorry zack. Ive been going easy on you lately, but just couldnt resist poking fun at your wholesome image. And you are wholesome, for the most part, whether you like it or not.

  5. I don’t understand what the big deal is. Regardless of how much she danced/ didn’t dance, Sarah is a double – she knew what she signed up for. She’s (unfortunately for her), not the star here. The movie is about Natalie and Natalies face so whether editted, not, of course no ones going to try and put light on Sarah CAUSE SHE’S A DOUBLE! Should have auditioned for the lead if she wanted shine.

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