The Future of Technology (as seen by Tom Selleck and AT&T in 1993)

Imagine sending a fax from the beach via a computer, or using a payphone to say goodnight to your child… from another timezone.

Tom Selleck provides the voice for this 1993 AT&T "we will" prediction campaign. It's as close to accuracy as a Michael Crichton novel, even if AT&T didn't pull anything off... besides dropped iPhone calls.

It was all part of AT&T’s WE WILL campaign, and remarkably accurate in its general predictions. But unfortunately we’re not sure the telecommunications company pulled any of these off. Hey- at least they were thinking.

Hey AT&T. Where's my Rosie Jetson?

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  1. Gazing upon the gorgeously handsome visage that is the mustachioed face of tom selleck, I suddenly have to take a dump.

  2. Excuse me ladies, but can we please keep the comments on this post civil?! Poor Alexis and Travis are just the victims and you are hurting their feelings. *BIG e-hug to Alexis & Travis* Don’t be afraid to cry guys.

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