When You’re On MSNBC… Try Holding Your Book Right-Side-Up

I'm in this week's "Your Business" on MSNBC

I appeared on MSNBC’s “Your Business” yesterday, and again tomorrow morning. It was a special about using online video to promote your business. Here’s me holding my book, Beyond Viral, upside down. Classy touch, right? It, um, was… on purpose. Right.

kevin nalts nalty book beyond viral
Maybe the camera was just upside down?

14 Replies to “When You’re On MSNBC… Try Holding Your Book Right-Side-Up”

  1. What? You were live? You couldn’t review your video and re-edit the upside down book? Oh I know….you’ve outsourced your video editing, haven’t you, Kevin!? Tell the truth: some Pakistani guy edited this video and couldn’t read enough English to know that the book was upside down! I’m on to you, aren’t I!?

  2. I have some moldy provolone and possibly some muenster in my fridge (it’s hard to tell the difference when it gets all fuzzy). Which would you prefer?

  3. Nalts promised a piece of cheese to the first person who noticed the mistake. Like an idiot I got up at 730 am and watched the whole fucking show, saw the mistake and texted it to him. Ergo, I deserve the cheese. I want to do another cheese type prank too but not til I can make videos again.

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