“No Camera” is No Excuse to Skip YouTube Anymore

Sure we’ve heard all of the excuses why you’re watching YouTube but not creating your own videos:

  1. I have nothing interesting to add
  2. I don’t have a camera
  3. I don’t want my life online
Now YouTube has eliminated one of those excuses, giving people without cameras the ability to build videos via animation of existing clips. See more at YouTube Create. So now you simply need a web connection, a pulse, and some free time. Got those?
In other news, YouTube founders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley may be cooking up another startup. They’re a bit cash strap given the $340 million they pocketed when YouTube was acquired by Google. To celebrate that possibility, let’s reflect back on their announcement, and my not-so-positive thoughts on the deal in October 2006.

7 Replies to ““No Camera” is No Excuse to Skip YouTube Anymore”

  1. Most people really don’t have anything interesting to add. What’s wrong with not making videos anyway? If people don’t want to, I can’t see any reason why they should.

  2. Yeah, i’ll be sure to pass this news on to my 80 year old senile mother, who will reply ‘who are you? Im sorry, gotta go, this is the time I like to wander.’

  3. Xtranormal is no longer free (I know, becuase we USED to use it here at the middle school), so I doubt that’ll get much play from the masses. Go Animate is pretty cool, if you like limb-less characters (they have heads, torsos, hands & feet, but no arms or legs connecting the appendages to the torso; kinda creepy. But right up your alley, sukatra!).

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