Stupid ‘Puter (Computer): Charlie’s Return

Charlie Nalts makes a return to Yahoo’s “This Week in Moms” with his “stupid puter” video (see him in an Austin-Powers-like wig and glasses as he laments the slow computer). There are also some cute bambinos with similar laptop woes.

My running gag with the producers of this show… I dare you to pick a topic about which I can’t provide a related video. Dare ya.

7 Replies to “Stupid ‘Puter (Computer): Charlie’s Return”

  1. Related videos about ANY topic eh…

    we’ll start easy w/ videos that might be related to that show. Find one related to
    – what to watch on tv.
    – hide and seek or some related game

    Now a little harder
    – home improvement
    – taxes / money related

    And to finish things off
    – some body abnormality: wart, ingrown hair (receding hairline doesn’t count!)
    – public argument / fight
    – An itchy butt 🙂

    Some of these I may have videos in mind myself, but we’ll see what you come up with if you dare take the challenge. I encourage everyone else reading this to take part in picking topics as well 🙂

  2. Bestiality… hmmm. Nalts has several videos which include him French-kissing the dog. Close enough?

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