Microsoft Catching Up: Bing and Video

Thanks to “Seeing Through the Windows” author Preston Gralla and SFGate’s Matt Rosoff for pointing out what I’d missed.

While YouTube/Google retains its massive lead in online-video viewing, Microsoft is catching up.

I’ve written about comScore’s newest rankings, but failed to recognize that Microsoft quietly crept from #7 (last month) to #2. That fact went largely unnoticed by many of us… is it a variation or a trend? Neither Gralla or Rosoff offer, from my perspective, a solid explanation for Microsoft’s sudden ranking. Perhaps people are using Bing’s video search engine? But why?

This hardly makes sense to me. Today the Bing video site featured Jessica Black (Friday) song. It might have been titled, “search what was popular on YouTube last month.”

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  1. Caching? More like CASHING. Looks like they are doing the same thing SpikeTV was doing. Ripping Videos from Youtube and putting them up on their own site.

    That;s not a Search engine to a YouTube Video. That’s the Video on thier own “Viral Video” site. They did the Same thing with the Nasa Employees Form Space Shuttle.

    They force ads all over it and when the video is done, the page loads to the next Viral Video. Someone is making money on it and part of it is Microsoft.

    Who wants to tell Rebecca Black?

    Nalts.. I did not see you in there yet….

  2. If I hear one of my students sing that freakin’ song one more time I’m going to scream!!!!

  3. Who the hell is rebecca black and why does everybody hate her so much. Im serious. Shes trending with some really vicious comments. And thats pretty bad, coming from me.

  4. Merlin, I can no longer get on youtube because of that whole linking to a google account which for some reason is impossible to do from my phone. Maybe I can find it somewhere else.

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  6. Nearly half a million dislikes on that Friday song… impressive.

    According to what I’ve seen, it appears to be the new “Rick Roll” video used by internet trolls.

  7. Merlin I should be able to get youtube on this phone but yt has this new policy where you have to link all your yt accounts to a google account, and gmail wont let me create an account from my phone, so now youtube wont give me access to their site until I do. FFFUUUUCCKKKKK!!

  8. sukatra, you shouldn’t need a YouTube account just to view the videos. Only if you want to comment, rate, subscribe, etc.

  9. What’s with all of the obscure legal items, NutCheese?

    And, sukatra, much as I hate to admit it, Alexis is right. You shold be able to view YT videos without an account.

  10. @Travis: Not sure what you meant by your remark, but I shit better than that girl sings.

    Uh, oh. Been hanging around sukatra too long.

  11. Just because you and your family liked your videos doesn’t mean anything.

    The fact is, everyone is talking about her. She isn’t going on the internet to talk about you because you are of no importance to the world.

  12. @Travis: Never said I was of importance to the world. Don’t want to be. I am important to the people who are important to me.

    And, yes, everyone is talking about Rebecca Black, but not in a flattering way. And she is not of importance to the world either. Her 15 minutes of fame will be up soon.

  13. I shouldn’t even argue with you. The fact that you are an adult and feel the need to go on the internet and say bad things about a little girl kind of shows what a fucking nut you are.

  14. I don’t remember ever calling Nalts a tool. I make fun of him occasionally, but that’s only because I care (I don’t waste my time insulting worthless people).

  15. Marilyn, you shit better than she sings – BEST COMMENT EVER!! And travis, we love dissing each other for fun, operative word being fun. You were kinda being a dick to a veteran wvff commenter. Might want to rethink that strategy and lighten up a little. Just sayin’. Now bring on the hate.

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  21. I’m glad you appreciate my keen insight. It feels great to be validated by the freaky denizens of this small corner of the internet. Oh, you didn’t set me off. People around here are forgetful sometimes. It took way too long for Kevin to remember that my name is not Alexis (not Alex), for example, despite numerous corrections (and he still apparently doesn’t know the difference between c’mon and common). If you act ignorantly, I will treat you as if you are ignorant and may correct such ignorance if I feel so inclined.

  22. Alexis-you win, im a dumbass and freaky denizen. But at least im willing to admit my faults, you arrogant buttplug.

  23. We are all rather freaky denizens around here. That’s what makes it interesting. I certainly don’t come here for the marketing blather. Kevin seems to attract wonderfully nutty and interesting characters such as yourself. The ensuing train wreck of such a motley group interacting with each other is a prime target for rubbernecking, but passive viewing isn’t as fun as tossing some Molotov cocktails to enhance the pyromania.

    …and I need to go to bed before weird metaphors kidnap my sanity.

  24. Can’t we all just get along?

    Except for you, Osama. I don’t like you. And not just because you fuck goats, or camels, or whatever. But I do appreciate you sticking up for us denizens against the asshats of the world.

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  26. @Travis:
    Even Mike Doughty thinks the Rebecca Black “song” is a travesty:
    “Friday” is more than bad. It’s ludicrous. It illustrates a kind of shiny blandness, cheerful boringness, that’s all over the place in our culture. It’s a perfect parody of Disney product intended for tweens. Its stupidity is surreal. It’s absolutely appropriate to mock it.

    If you don’t know who Mike Doughty is, you really ARE an asshat.

  27. Hey merlin, a little birdie told me you are the spelling nazi on this blog. Well, guess what I found? A spelling error!! Its ‘snippet’, not ‘sinippet’. Sinippet is what we’re doing with that poor goat, you know, sinning with a pet. Oh man, I am enjoying this even more than sukatra said I would. No fatwa for her!

  28. @Osama Youshouldknowmylastnamebynow:

    Oops! Simply a typo, not a misspelling. Big difference. Typing on a cell phone is not easy, as you well know.

    BTW, sukatra is an asshat!

  29. It’s “Doughty”, not “Doughtry”, and he was the lead singer for Soul Coughing, who is now out on his own. He is an incredible song writer, and people who care about music care more about what he has to say than Rebecca Black, trust me.

    He is probably more concerned about what damage this video could do to popular music (i.e., degrade it even further than it already is) than about whether a little girl gets her 15 minutes of fame.

  30. Why you gotta be so mean, Travis?

    BTW, my students LOVE me.
    Sukatra loves me (you know you do!)
    NutCheese loves me.

    Who loves you, Travis?

  31. How am I being mean? I am just calling you on your shit of being a hater of a 13 year old girl. You are the mean one. I don’t spend my time trying to hate on little girls.

  32. I don’t know about you, but I don’t hate that little girl. Feel sorry for her maybe. I’m convinced that her song can’t possibly be anything but an brilliant parody of crappy pop music. The lyrics are inane garbage and her singing even after autotuning is annoyingly bad. The production quality is semi-pro, but that’s really the only thing it has going for it other than it’s absurd awfulness. It’s so bad it’s funny. That’s the reason it has millions of views, not because it has any artistic merit.

  33. My sentiments, exactly, Alexis. I pity the poor girl, I do not hate her. I teach kids her age, for god’s sake! Trust me, no one who works with middle school aged kids hates them. If you did, you’d go nuts.

    The song is just plain awful and, even auto-tuned, her singing is weak at best.

    Now I’ve had enough of this conversation. I’m going back to Twitter and Words with Friends.

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