Sour Patch Cannibals (consumer-generated ads)

I recently found this collection of entries to the “Sour Then Sweet” campaign for Sour Patch Kids. While I can appreciate why cannibalism might have been too risque for the folks at Cadbury, I think they’re certainly bold, entertaining and memorable enough to get the WillVideoForFood “honorable mention” award.

Don’t you? CHOMP. Hats off to Wonderful Color, Trunstyle, and iCohen.

3 Replies to “Sour Patch Cannibals (consumer-generated ads)”

  1. SWEET! You just gave me an exceptional idea for my next disgusting habit. Just gotta get me some fava beans and a nice chianti.

  2. WTF!! That’s a REal commercial for the Candy?? Half Naked People eating each other. That’s get’s my “Stuff a Sock in It” Award!

    It is clever if it was an Adult Parody. Next thing you know cats and dogs will be laying next to each other!!

  3. That was a deeply disturbing experience, Nalts. I don’t think those too-zoomed in closeup shots of them shakily eating each other could have been much more disconcerting than they were. Plus, the face that the orange man in the 3rd one made in the improper context did not suggest that his shoulder had been just eaten. It looked like something else.

    Plus, I’m pretty sure I saw the red guy’s pubes when he sat down. I saw something!

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