Impact of YouTube’s Shift from “Small Pond” to “Vast Market”

YouTube’s Gay Godfather (zipster08) explains YouTube circa 2005-2011… why independent vloggers are creating fewer videos and YouTube was more of a “corporation” than “community.” The “small pond” evolves to a “vast market,” meaning more competition for new creators and the oldies…

You may remember Zipster from the “YouTube Retirement Home.” But unlike his bi-polar chess-companion, he’s the energizer bunnystill going.

What Zipster doesn’t realize is that when YouTube deploys its new “Green Parrot” distortion filter, Zipster will look better (like this) and increase views by 63 percent.

10 Replies to “Impact of YouTube’s Shift from “Small Pond” to “Vast Market””

  1. It is interesting to see how Zipster08 called YouTube more of a community in the past. I believe it is true in a way, but I would argue that today is still a community, just of a different kind. I guess he, being from the first (2005 is really the prehistory) generation of YouTubers, suffered the most the massive change. The fact is that today you have to work really hard to get seen, moreover is necessary to create content that people wants to watch but that you REALLY enjoy making. As usual evolution scrap things away and sometimes species become extinct. Nalts, did you have a go at Freddie Wong article? here: I think is a good read, quite in parallel with few of the concepts from your book.

  2. Apart from a Corporation (obvious answer) in the most general terms I can think of: I believe is a bunch of people sharing and watching videos, add revenues or money in general on top of that; make that total bunch 111mln (give or take) and TA-DAA the circus is in town (your monitor in this case). Am I being too simplistic?

  3. Youtube is fucked. I am sick of there censorship.

    Most of ManlyMuscleDad’s videos have been age restricted because he is in speedos.

    My video Sexual Understanding has been marked age restricted.

    Youtube lets some people like Peter Chao do whatever they want, then they bust some people for small things.

  4. Well, I wouldnt know anything about youtube because I cant get on it anymore because it requires me to create a new gmail account for my account but gmail wont let me do it from my phone and I dont have home internet yet so im basically fucked. Which really frustrates me because, you know, like most other people, with the exception of hookers, I prefer to be kissed while im getting screwed. Whoever at google approved this new policy should get ball cancer. Or dick cancer. Or ass cancer. Or both. They dont have to die, just lose their wiener, balls and butt in one fell swoop. Not that im bitter.

  5. Well, that is a clear case of “you can’t always ge what you want”. Youtube on a mobile line sucks anyway.

  6. Nalts, good luck with that. Hypothetically which would be the first video to bang in the montage, or rather, if you could pick just one, which one will it be?

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