Here’s Me Ripping Your Stupid Form and Giggling

The next time someone hands you a form to complete (or a parking ticket or bill), may I suggest you pull out this viral video on your smartphone? Play it, giggle, and watch them crumble.

I are ripping your important paper and giggle laughing rofl outloud. -Baby Rip Von Paper

Rip. Giggle. RIP. Giggle. RIPPPPPP… GIGGLE.

6 Replies to “Here’s Me Ripping Your Stupid Form and Giggling”

  1. Hello last month? I’d like the laughing baby video back. Come on Kev, even I saw this one 100 times weeks ago.

  2. I laugh like this every time I fart!

    Giggling that your sister called you out for posting a video we have all seem over and over and over…

  3. I laugh when I rip stupid stuff up all the time, but my giggle is decidedly more sinister. And the form usually being ripped by knife slashes.

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