Help Best Buy Claim “Worst Company in America”

It’s against some difficult competition this year (BP, Toyota), but I’m rooting for Best Buy to win the coveted “Worst Company in America” (see brackets). Just scan the Consumerist archives for Best Buy and Geek Squad to see all the proof you’ll need.

We honored the consumer-electronic megafirm with the dubious WillVideoForFood 2010 “Greatest Corporate Social-Media Collapse” award, and were pleased to turn down a request to promote the company’s highly criticized “buy back” program you’ve perhaps seen so whimsically¬†advertised on television (3D and 4D dad gets called “silly head”).

With apologies to the Geek Squad members that are competent and have social skills, the service division of Best Buy has done great things to secure Best Buy’s rise in its “worst company” bracket. And hey- it needs only beat Radio Shack initially. How hard can that be?

In the spirit of social-media transparency, my support of Best Buy in this race is motivated by this episode. More importantly, Best Buy’s decision to completely ignore my communication… and allow me to pay a ticket/fine for smiling and handing a Geek Squad driver my business card to explain why I videotaped him (which he reported to the police as a threat).

I’ll let you know when it’s time to vote!

8 Replies to “Help Best Buy Claim “Worst Company in America””

  1. You smiled at the best buy guy and gave him your card? Here’s a hint kev. Probably easier to meet your fantasy mebox guy at a bathhouse. yeah, im not really sure how long im gonna heckle you about your mebox guy crush. Depends on my hormones. In case you didnt read on twitter, I appear to be heading toward full menopause with my lack of two periods since september. Great for me, except for the even more dramatic mood swings and hot flashes, not so great for anyone else. And jan and matt, sorry you have to read about my menstrual history twice in one day.

  2. Where the crap is stupid Viacom? They’d have my vote in a heartbeat. Maybe they are so evil that they bypass being called simply “bad,” or, are they bigger than being called a “company?” What, do they prefer “conglomerate?” “Syndicate?” “Corporation?”

    Whatever. Who cares. They’ve probably got a guy with a gun up to the head of the blogger anyway. And now they’re probably bugging my house or something or rigging it up with button-operated explosives just because I wrote this.

  3. Given the options, though, I’d have to go with Ticketmaster or Walmart. Ticketmaster for having copious, staggeringly unnecessary fees, and Walmart for being the scariest and most uncomfortable place to be at and for once having a worker that had blood dripping from his mouth.

  4. Christ on a bike, what have I been missing here? Reubnick, fur real? Dripping blood from the mouth?

    I knew there was a reason I don’t shop Walmart. Multiple reasons, this just makes one more on the list.

  5. I think BP is going to WIN it, but people still buy things at best buy? 3 places online. B&H, NewEgg & Amazon (Did you get kis book yet?)

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