Online Video Tips for Small Business (MSNBC)

Get some coffee or program your TiVos, kids.

That video I shot Sunday for MSNBC Small Business (see MSNBC/Amex site) is going on television not the web (glad I didn’t quite realize that when I shot it, or I might have gotten nervous).

It airs this week 3/20/11 at 7:30am EST and will re-air Saturday, March 26th at 5:30am EST. This timing should work well for small businesses and entrepreneurs since they never sleep. And the YouTube peeps? They’ll still be awake from the night prior.

In the meantime, you can check some of the tips I shared with AOL small business, or buy Beyond Viral (Wiley) at your local bookstore or Amazon. And tell your friends at ABC and CBS they should book me. 🙂

Oh- I made an epic mistake on the video that I’m hoping people think was intentional because it’s so blatant. Be the first to notice it and comment below, and you get a free piece of cheese (and maybe an autographed copy of Beyond Viral if I actually remember).

4 Replies to “Online Video Tips for Small Business (MSNBC)”

  1. Against every instinct I have in my hormone-addled, queen bitch of snarkiness persona, I feel compelled to congratulate you on this huge accomplishment. Now, can you please post a better link to the commercial b/c I cant find anything from that link thru this phone. And I want that cheese. I NEED that cheese. I wont get my next dis check for another 18 days and mommy’s checking account is anorexic.

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