The MeBox Guy Flirts With You

All I’m saying is the MeBox guy is freaking me out a little bit. He’s just a bit too polished, and almost flirty.

Plus the website uses cookies, so when I went back to fetch the link… he referred to “last time” as if we were on our second date. And let’s be perfectly clear. I was not going back to see him. I was trying to find a URL for you.

Sure the marketer is slightly impressed with MeBox’s function and its own intelligent use of video (recognizing a website visitor’s second visit, and speaking to them accordingly). But the homophobe is seeing a gay version of Single White Female and the Fatal Attraction rabbit…

Pay attention to the MeBox guy, or prepare for pet soup

11 Replies to “The MeBox Guy Flirts With You”

  1. I have a coffee mug that has “WTF?” on it. I noticed today that the mug is cracked. Rey told me it cracked because it’s made of something that’s intended for coffee and not hot water. WTF?!

  2. That’s how I feel about most advertising.

    Dear marketer,
    Get out of my face and stop trying to seduce me. You’re not nearly as attractive as you think you are. If I want a relationship, I’ll let you know, but chances are you aren’t my type anyway and flaunting yourself is a major turn-off.

  3. Kevin, you should not be ashamed of the deeply buried urges the mebox guy brought out in you. Many men are married for years with children and can only acknowledge their same sex longings when the right guy comes along. Kev, know this – we’ve got your back. We all love you and will support you no matter who you want have sex with. Unless its charlie sheen.

  4. You beat me to it, sukatra! I was going to add the bit about Charlie Sheen, until I finished reading your comment. Damn you!!!

    BTW, rumours were swirling that Rob Lowe was going to replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men, but they refused to hire him when he tested positive for Charlie Sheen.

  5. I haven’t been suitable for civilized society for a very long time now, sukatra. I work with middle school kids, remember? I’ve been around them too long. When I’m not acting like them, I am trying to recover from being around them by consuming large quantities of alcohol.

  6. Sukatra! where you been? er, that is, why didn’t anyone tweet me that you are commenting here? That’s terrific. Missed you. Why don’t they rename this site That’s all. Bye 4 now.

  7. @DahliaK: I don’t follow you on Twitter (what’s your name there?), but I should have mentioned to you on Facebook that sukatra was back. I know how much everyone has missed (?) her caustic remarks. FYI, she insults me almost daily on Twitter.

  8. Dahlia-i was internetless from sept 09 til just a few months ago. Happy to be back though. Especially since I get to twitter with asshat every day. I mean marilyn.

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