YouTube Acquires Next New Networks

Who said Google isn’t in the content space?

Today it announced via YouTube the acquisition of Next New Networks (NNN)… and the creation of YouTube Next (see YouTube blog). Cartooninator and NNN co-founder Fred Seibert is not staying on board, but many of the folks behind Obama Girl, The Key of Awesome and AutoTune the News are (see Next New Networks blog). Yeah click that.

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  1. Why is this blog post dated 3/7 but it must have been posted today. There are no comments except this one. Oh my god, is everyone else dead?

  2. So the Distributor becomes the content creator. It will be interesting to see what gets promoted. I have to audition for Annoying Orange.

    Plus I am sooo close!

  3. Thanks everyone. We have now convinced Sukatra that we’re all alive. It’s best she not yet confront the sad apocalypse that’s really happening. Butt plug. Ehhh heee.

  4. Am I in any of your wills? If so, im sorry the apocalypse hasnt struck your town yet. Also, kelley im really really sorry but I think buttcheese is hilarious, and i look forward to how you explain that buttcheese is a vegan cheese made from butts.

  5. Pretty sad when the comments on your blog become more interesting than the blog itself, Kev.

  6. @Nalts’ sister: The comments are ALWAYS more interesting than his blog. Nalts can’t help it; we are just more interesting than he is.

  7. More competetion, but basically will have the funding of Google. what will be interesting is how promotion will work. will YouTube’s group be promoted over everyone else’s or will the “Next” be treated just like any other group.


  8. so will the Next New creator people have an advantage of getting spolights and stuff or will all partners be treated the same?

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