One of Top 25 Most Innovative Digital Publishers

Congratulations, dear reader. We’ve made the cut. We’re one of the top 25 most digital publishers (David Garland “Rise to the Top”). Scoble made it too, so we have some good company.

I use “we” in a collective sense, since I probably wouldn’t be in my 5th or 6th year of publishing without you. Yeah I’m pretty sure without your intellectual comments I’d grow weary. And I’m certain that if I didn’t see some of the mindless and humorous ones I’d have long since regressed to a newsletter only my mama reads.

Have a glass of champagne, or celebrate in whatever way you see fit. Heck, while you’re here… how will you celebrate your victory?

You and I made the cut, baby. Barely, but we made it.

17 Replies to “One of Top 25 Most Innovative Digital Publishers”

  1. Well, you’re #25, so, meh!

    But, seriously Kevin, congratulations. But don’t expect NutCheese to stop describing her poop, or for sukatra to start being nice (oh wait; that happened once, didn’t it?), or for Alexis to stop being a tool.

    (I threw that last bit in just for you, NutCheese).

  2. Nice Kev,
    Congrats! Funny how the list ended with Fart. You never cease to stop making me laugh.

    (How do I change the Logo on these comments? Grrrr)

  3. Merlin, oh no you did’unt. Tool is a word reserved for one person and one person only. Nalts. And leave poor alexis alone. Its hard enough being a pre-op transexual as it is. Not to pry alex, but do you plan to have your junk removed? On no, I changed my mind. That is prying.

  4. @NutCheese: Love you too, darling!

    @sukatra: Nalts does not own being a tool, although he does personify it well. IMHO, anyone who disagrees with me is a tool!

  5. Merlin – nalts does not own tool. I do. I even patented it. Come up with your own insult. Like dumbutt.

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