The Honey Badger Doesn’t Give a Sh*t

What happens when you take a somewhat effeminate male voice and overdub a National Geographic video about honey badgers? You get this hysterical clip that examines — no judges and condemns and celebrates — the absurdly brave behavior of the Honey Badger (courtesy of the good users at Reddit).

Whether he’s eating snakes, climbing into bee hives, or chasing down poisonous animals, the Honey Badger? He just doesn’t give a sh*t. NSFW.

Props to Randallsanimals (find him on Twitter). Just as I was begging for more, I found them buried under a playlist on his channel. We have the Great White Shark, and here’s the full playlist of the great animal world of Randall.

If you dig it, give it a vote on MSNBC’s Wonder Wheel, or buy a “Honey Badge Doesn’t Care” shirt. Me? I’d prefer one that says “The Nastyass Honey Badger is Doesn’t Give a Shit and is Pretty Badass”

8 Replies to “The Honey Badger Doesn’t Give a Sh*t”

  1. Matt, I dont think you are too rude and crass for this blog. I thought you were rude and crass and graphically inappropriate in one comment that was directed toward me personally. I think you are funny and quick and have a dry sense of humor that I love. I wouldnt have been so quick to urge you come back to the blog if I thought otherwise. In my personal opinion you went too far in one comment out of hundreds that I have loved. I wouldnt have called you on it if I didnt feel that way. I would have just called you a dick and moved on.

  2. I’ve been deleting old blog posts and ran across your Jingle Blog Social Experiment. Remember that golden oldie? I tried to post a blogger link to it but your blog doesn’t accept blogger links. I even tried to disguise it with but no go. Anyway, funny crappy old stuff 🙂

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