YouTube Promote Fail: Featured Video Shows How to Beat Prerolls

A "featured" YouTube video shows how to skip YouTube prerolls. Whoops?

Heh, heh (in Beavis & Butthead impersonation). A “Featured Video Fail.” It won’t soon make 4Chan, but it made us giggle.

It won’t come as surprise to you WVFF loyalists that I’m not a big fan of prerolls. Sure only about 16% of us skip them, but my ADHD “instant gratification” tendency, like maybe yours, is to hit “fast forward” to the desert and bypass that lima bean 15/30/eternity pre-roll advertisement.

While watching a WheezyWaiter video on a Facebook YouTube player app thing, something occurred to me. I got to thinking, which is probably why you smelled burned toast when you clicked on this post. Prerolls are rarely, if ever, served on YouTube videos embedded on other sites. So what if I could find a way to automatically embed the video I’m watching?

That would save me the torture of installing some dubious ad-block software — something that is not just a potential hazard to laptops, but a moral breach for marketers. In Marketing District 12, it would be considered by The Capital as an act of treason warranting death by a muttation of the Geico lizard and the Aflac duck. I’ve seen Peace Keepers drag off my marketing friends to this fate, and it’s not something you soon forget.

Marketers who install ad-blocking software are often fed to this horrid "muttation," which is The Capitol's genetic marriage of the Aflac duck and the Geico lizard.

That’s what led me to this funny little “whoops”by YouTube. And I’ll have you know, WheezyWaiter video was a sponsored one for GE Healthymagination, so I caught the plug despite my dubious plans to “dodge the display.” Hopefully Wheezy turned off prerolls for this anyway (he didn’t turn off display ads, which is, perhaps, an inadvertent faux pas).

But we love the Wheezy anyway because he has lasers, crocodiles, clones, eagles, and a hairline and gut that makes us feel slightly better about ourselves.

Wheezy Waiter, captured by Co-Boldt in an insane moment after he murdered seven of his clones

21 Replies to “YouTube Promote Fail: Featured Video Shows How to Beat Prerolls”

  1. If I am watching Video of someone I REALLY Like, hint hint, I WILL watch the preroll. I will also check out the product or service being promoted.

    Maybe YouTube has had Unsuccessful Views with the Embedded Video Player with PreRolls. People preference for Content vs Ads.

  2. The only time I see pre-rolls / in-video pop-ups is when I’m *not* watching the video on its video page (my ad-blocker doesn’t alway catch the ads in other environments) or occasionally if I’m using IE.

  3. What happened to my comment? Was it so cutting, hilarious and close to the truth that you deleted it? Tool.

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