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Okay I forgot I had a blog again. The past two weeks have included trips to (in sequence) Virginia, Minneapolis, NYC, Washington, D.C. and NYC again.

Shitty clipart makes a blog visual

Enough about me. Let’s focus on YouTube today, since it’s turned 6 (that’s a near-death 94 years in TechCrunch years). If you missed the comment stream on my last post, you’ll want to catch up. It’s steamy, and Sukatra’s on a Charlie Sheen tear.

And after this humble attempt at “aggregation,” stay tuned for my patented “synthesis” below… what all this means to a changing ecosphere-marketplace-ecosystem-valuechain-universe.

    What Does All This Mean?

    • YouTube is going mainstream with musician chart-toppers exceeding the once amateur-only club. Alas, the site is a free jute box rivaled only by Limewire in the day.
    • YouTube is embracing its new role, hoping attracting familiar faces will attract a larger base of “regulars,” who until now have chosen their own weblebrities.
    • Still, amateur hour isn’t over… especially if you’re a quasi professional. While no YouTube star has yet jumped mainstream with any endurance or consequence, we may see that change in 2012.
    • Most importantly, albiet somewhat tangental, what the hell happens to the sales of my “Beyond Viral” if Borders goes bankrupt? Perhaps you can find a local Borders that’s folding, and snatch a discounted copy of the book. Be sure to take a photo and let me know.

    This post has been brought to you by the letter S. Big S.

    7 Replies to “YouTube News You Missed”

    1. Its sukatra, not Sukatra. Its integral to my persona, you know, kind of like an e.e. cummings thing. And if he didnt have punctuation after e and e, bite me. Leave that to tne spelling nazi to correct. By the way, spelling nazi, when you see an n where an h should be, cut me some slack. Im doing this on a crappy cellphone for christs sake. Same thing for lack of apostrophes. Also, nalts, my charlie sheen tear is considerably less glamorous. You have no idea how much it hurts when you snort salt up your nose.

    2. So let me see if I follow-the pretend famous people aren’t happy about the real famous people invading their turf, even though they think they may get a little more popular by association.

      Oh and that Salt, not salt.

    3. Sukatra- I know what I need to do. I need to attract some noobs. I’ll create up some nonsense WVFF post and promote it on a youtube video. New fish will enter. You swarm and attack. Deal? Work together the other sharks, like that Discovery video where they all line up and advance in unison, creating a wave that nocks the little sea lion off the safety of his ice chunk and into their satiated jaws.

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