32 Replies to “Send a Free Cheap-Ass Valentine’s Video Greeting”

  1. I heard that this was the place to come if I wanted to be a witness to the triumphant return of Nutcheese & Sukatra, but all I find is lame ass stuff that Qould give my girlfriend yet another reason to break up with me.

    Oh who am I kidding, we all know I’ll never have a girlfriend.

  2. Whre is everybody? Nalts, where are you? No new posts in days, NutCheese is MIA, this blog is becoming a bore. C’mon, people (yes, that is the correct way to spell “c’mon”, nalts), let’s get back to vilifying each other on this blog!

  3. Dont all you bitches be dissing me. Ive been working my ass off to get you all back and im not ashamed to say some of my work involved a blowjob. And dont start specuating who got the wiener suck. It was some dude in libya whose beginning to feel his imminent mortality and strangely insisted on switching hats incessantly throughout the act. One hell of a fetish, gotta say. Anyway, it was cybersex, of couse. Using a gherkin pickle.

  4. I just had a deam that I had a coherent comversation with austin googlsbee about what I dont know, and when I went to put his number in my phone I realized I didnt know it and it was all a dream.

  5. @MDJ: sukatra was referring to me, not the state. As you know, everyone here goes out of their way to spell my name wrong.

  6. MARYLIND IS BACK to straighten us out. MAN marquis I wish that was accurate because I could use $9K right now in the worst way. Stupid youtube. Why don’t they listen to renetto’s estimates. Bastards.

  7. @19
    I studied about it. Nut scratchin’. I did. The Bible says you ought not to. It says if you do that, you go off to Hades. Some folks call it Hell, I call it Hades.

  8. @31
    Golf carts run between 5 and 7 thousand here in the piney woods of east Texas and, in this redneck of the woods, are often the primary and even sole mode of transportation.

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