Create Portable YouTube Subscribe Button (as widget, iframe, html)

Make your own YouTube subscribe button as an iFrame widget

On a visit to, I noticed the fellas had a little widget that recognized me as Nalts and had a subscribe button. So I snatched the HTML iFrame thingy, and managed to insert it as a wordpress widget. iFrames usually make my blog puke, but they’re working okay.

Here’s the code:

<p><iframe src=”” style=”overflow: hidden; height: 97px; width: 300px; border: 0;” scrolling=”no” frameBorder=”0″></iframe></p>

Just copy the above, paste it into your blog, and change “Nalts” to your username. I changed the pixel hight to 120 and the width to 200.

Rinse, repeat.

2 Replies to “Create Portable YouTube Subscribe Button (as widget, iframe, html)”

  1. If you go to the youtube main page, which I so rarely do but did just now to make sure it was still there, they actually have had a link to their blog post about this under “whats new” since October.

    They broke it a month ago but after myself (I use it on socialblade to let people subscribe to profiles they are browsing) and several others alerted them to it they fixed it within a week. Anyway, youtube’s not hiding the feature but yeah its not exactly noticed by people I don’t think 🙂

    Anyway, here’s youtube’s blog post about it:

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